Marijuana is on the ballot in nine states—and a vote to make it more legal could have a substantial effect on limiting the number of citizens in America’s overcrowded prisons.


The 4-time Super Bowl winner with the model looks—and supermodel wife—has been pictured living his best life in Italy, tanning on yachts and sunbathing in the nude.

Pièce de Résistance

The Boston Globe printed a mock first page from the future on Sunday—one that depicted an America in shambles on April 10, 2017, run by Donald Trump. Speculative fiction is not usually in the Globe’s arsenal, so we asked if everybody at the paper was on board.

Found the Golden Door

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker accused Congressman Seth Moulton of using “partisan talking points” about Syrian immigrants. The problem? Moulton already housed an Iraqi refugee.


Josh Ostrovsky, aka ‘The Fat Jew,’ rakes in six figures from his joke-sharing Instagram account and just signed with CAA. But his joke-stealing ways have irked the comedy world.

‘War on the Vulnerable’

Bobby Jindal says he wants mayors of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants to be ‘criminally liable.’ One such mayor says Jindal is ‘trying to incite the mob.’

Turn LePage

Maine’s ultra-conservative governor might have finally messed with the wrong people: a school for disadvantaged kids. Now, he could get impeached for it.