Mark Gevisser is the author of A Legacy of Liberation: Thabo Mbeki and the Future of the South African Dream. His next book, Lost and Found in Johannesburg, will be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in April 2014.

Freedom Fighter

Nelson Mandela's body was laid to rest in a solemn and moving funeral ceremony today, as the world commemorated a man who embodied the human will to do good.

Madiba’s Legacy

Some 70,000 people crammed into Johannesburg Stadium to hear luminaries like Barack Obama and Desmond Tutu speak—and to boo current South African president Jacob Zuma.

In Memoriam

As heads of state and tens of thousands of mourners converge on South Africa to pay their respects to the late leader, regular citizens are grappling with Madiba’s legacy.

The world mourns the death of the South African leader, who symbolized an era of great hope, when equality and justice seemed possible.