Mark Hertsgaard, the environment correspondent for The Nation and the author of Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth, has been covering global climate summits since 1992.

Decades of Deception

Big Tobacco’s lies contributed to the deaths of smokers and their loved ones. But if ExxonMobil lied about climate change, every person and business interest on earth is affected.

Moral Conflict

It’s a far cry from eco-terrorism, but the loose collective that calls itself Climate Justice is all too willing to inject civil disobedience into the climate change wars.

Hard Cells

Ever since the overthrow of Egypt’s elected president, the U.S. administration has tried to avoid the word “coup.” Hard to do that now, but it’s still trying.


You can still find the cream of New Orleans music at the city’s Jazz and Heritage Festival, but critics say high ticket prices keep most of the city’s own residents from attending.