A former two-term speechwriter in the Clinton White House, Mark Katz is the founder and principal of the Soundbite Institute a consultancy that generates speeches, messaging and creative content for clients who communicate in high-stakes arenas.

Two weeks after Boston, Barack Obama will have to walk a line between heartfelt and funny at this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. For Clinton speechwriter Mark Katz, that’s an eerily familiar challenge.


It's that time again: The White House Correspondents' Dinner, when presidents get onstage and yuk it up for a roomful of reporters they normally prefer to evade. But real-world problems sometimes get in the way, as they did in 1995 when Bill Clinton's planned speech was dropped in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing. Speechwriter Mark Katz quickly scrambled to tone down the jokes. Herewith, the Clinton speech that could have been.


What the liberal lion taught me about empathy, politics, and lost causes worth waging. By Mark Katz.