Marshall Auerback is a Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and Consulting Strategist with PIMCO, the world's largest bond fund. He is also a fellow for the Economists for Peace and Security and regularly blogs at

Obama’s advisors think a corporate tax cut will make America more competitive, but is he getting advice from the wrong people? Marshall Auerback on where the real key to recovery lies.

Those searching for a panacea for our economic troubles shouldn’t be tempted by U.K.-style fiscal austerity. Economist Marshall Auerback—who along with over 100 other economists and historians signed The Daily Beast's manifesto calling for additional stimulus—on why the cuts are already hurting England's economy.

Obama’s announcement about business tax breaks, following the $50 billion infrastructure plan, shows he finally understands that his administration, not the Fed, must end this downturn. Reboot America manifesto signer Marshall Auerback on how Obama has figured out the folly of interest-rate policy as economic elixir. Plus, join in with over 150 economists and historians who have pledged to get America back to work.

Bernanke’s speech Friday was more of the same: a misguided faith in the Federal Reserve. Manifesto signer Marshall Auerback on why more spending is the economy’s best hope to create jobs.