Matt Kelemen is a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying East Asia and Political Science. You can follow him on Twitter @mkelemen16.

Bloody Imagery

Artist Saint Hoax has once again reimagined Disney princesses, this time with period stains. Guys, it’s time to leave the images of those ladies alone.


It’s only July, but we have a strong candidate for Worst Dad of the Year: a Louisiana man who allegedly forced his young son to steal from his grandmother for drug money.

Bottoms Up

Scotland’s first winery initial bottles have been deemed ‘undrinkable’ by critics. The vintner says he’s not worried—his vinery’s future is bright because of global warming.

Questionable Heritage

A Texas HS rallied over the weekend to support its Rebel mascot while its softball coach is reprimanded for calling a black student’s hair ‘nappy and nasty.’