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This year, the Christian right’s annual campaign against godless liberal retailers was over before it started—with a boycott against the Gap’s “censorship of the word ‘Christmas’” abruptly suspended. Max Blumenthal on their new target.

Obsessed with the “Muslim threat,” Rick Santorum is telling his friends he’s readying for a White House run in 2012.

How the failed GOP veep nominee turned to a gay-bashing ghostwriter and a blogger tied to white supremacist groups to craft her image and autobiography.

Limbaugh and the Tea Party crowd drove out the moderate woman, but Conservative Doug Hoffman still lost his race. Max Blumenthal says far right's virulent attacks are what really did him in.

The controversial congressman has been a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans. Max Blumenthal asks: Did he remain so even after it became a hate group?

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson made a name for himself Wednesday night by shouting “You lie!” during President Obama’s health-care speech to Congress, but he’s hardly the first conservative to spark controversy with a crazy statement. In his new book, Republican Gomorrah, Daily Beast columnist Max Blumenthal presented a compendium of quotes from influential right-wingers.

In an excerpt from his new book Republican Gomorrah, Max Blumenthal examines the radical beliefs about witchcraft and the “serpent seed” that propelled Sarah Palin into politics.

That outrageous comparison that Limbaugh and town-hall screamers have been making? Max Blumenthal tracks its origins to cult leader Lyndon LaRouche, whose followers pushed the attacks.