Michael Korda is the author of numerous books, including Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia and a forthcoming biography of Robert E. Lee.


In an excerpt from ‘Clouds of Glory,’ biographer Michael Korda describes how as a U.S. Army officer, Lee adroitly quelled John Brown’s 1859 insurrection at Harper’s Ferry.

Between the Wars

A victor splintered and embittered, careening into the Third Reich. In The Embrace of Unreason, Frederick Brown weaves a warning for America from the story of the divided French.


A Jewish officer falsely accused and an intelligence chief out to clear his name are the centerpiece of novelist writer Robert Harris’s exceptional take on the infamous Dreyfus case. This novel puts him in the first category of spy thrillers says Michael Korda.

Defining Role

Like the man he famously played, Peter O’Toole, who died Sunday at 81, could never escape his great performance, says the writer of ‘Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia.’

Royal File

This is the ultimate Christmas read for all you Downton Abbey fans: the fantastic life of Edward VII, the son of Queen Victoria, who was as famous for his mistresses as for his diplomatic skill.

Sexual Politics

The last of the Stuart monarchs ruled England with brilliance and intrigue, likely had an affair with a Churchill ancestor, and made sure her country stayed Protestant. Finally she gets the biography her remarkable life deserves.

Hail Britannia!

When Churchill became Prime Minister, the Royal Family were not fans, but soon the King and Churchill developed a close and essential relationship as Britain fought for its life. By Michael Korda.


What was World War I really like? Richard Rubin set out to interview the last surviving American veterans of World War I. Michael Korda salutes the remarkable result.

War on Terror

From ancient times to Afghanistan today, guerilla warfare, terrorism, and insurgencies have been the way that we make war. Michael Korda salutes a brilliant and important new book, Max Boot’s Invisible Armies, that tells that story.

Ulysses S. Grant

We need to be reminded that Ulysses S. Grant was one of our greatest heroes. Michael Korda on H.W. Brands's new biography.