The Academy’s voting body is largely white, male, and over 65. With that in mind, we asked an anonymous Academy Awards voter for their honest thoughts on this year’s nominees.


An anonymous Oscar voter reveals their picks and Academy chatter, including why Viola Davis is in the wrong category and how Academy members are on the defensive over diversity.


With the 88th Academy Awards on Feb. 28, an anonymous Oscar voter spills the beans on all the gossip, from Best Picture to the racism accusations to whether it’s DiCaprio’s year.

‘The Jinx’

His wife vanished after a fight with him. His friend was slain after defending him. A neighbor was hacked up. He was recorded saying he did it. But please, stop jumping to conclusions!


There’s only one Tony voter who really counts—the one willing to talk to us about the golden battle between jukebox shows, drag, Disney, historical dramas, and revivals of revivals.