Nancy Hass is a contributing writer at Newsweek. She has been on staff at WSJ magazine, Conde Nast Porfolio, Talk, and the Economist, writing on subjects from Paris couture to politics in Southeast Asia. Her work was most recently anthologized in Best American Sports Writing 2011.

Too Big to Bail

Neil Barofsky’s book about overseeing the $700 billion bailout pulls no punches. He talks to Nancy Hass.


The shock of TomKat’s split is fading, replaced by the cold reality of a custody fight. Nancy Hass on why Holmes may have the upper hand.


The famed writer and filmmaker Nora Ephron died at 71 from leukemia. Nancy Hass reports on her private final days and speaks to friends.

He was a beloved Midwestern businessman who sent money home to his blind mom. Now Shakir Hamoodi is headed for prison. Nancy Hass on a case of wartime sanctions run amok.

Live Blog

By speaking up in the boardroom, women can get their ideas financed—and tap into the rapidly-growing buying power of other women, says Susan Lyne.

“Destination living” communities—complete with swimming pools, shops, and cafés on site—are edging out stodgy starter homes.