Niall Ferguson is a professor of history at Harvard University. He is also a senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University, and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. His new book, The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die, has just been published by Penguin Press.

Liberal Lies

First, duck the argument. Second, nitpick. Third, vilify. That’s what Niall Ferguson says liberal bloggers did after reading his Newsweek story on Obama’s record. Here, he offers a point-by-point defense of his argument.


The liberal New York Times blogger objected to ‘multiple errors and misrepresentations’ in this week’s Newsweek cover story on Obama’s record in office. Author Niall Ferguson rebuts the charges.

The rising superpower is flexing its muscles. In his new book, Henry Kissinger explains how to avoid the "duel of the century."

The Fed may deny it, but Americans know that prices are rising. In this week’s Newsweek, Niall Ferguson takes a look at the Great Inflation of the 2010s.

Most rebellions end in carnage and tyranny. So why, Niall Ferguson asks in this week's Newsweek, are Americans cheering on the Arab revolutionary wave?

As war breaks out in Washington over spending cuts, Newsweek columnist Niall Ferguson argues there's a smarter way to salve America's budget woes: Do what any private business would do and sell off assets—land, highways, railroads, and buildings.