Peter Hoskin has been in and around the worlds of politics and journalism since graduating from university in 2006. He currently runs the Spectator's political blog, Coffee House, and writes about cinema, literature, and culture as much as he can.

Make a Friend

France’s favorite comic book hero, the dumpy but redoubtable Asterix of Gaul, has never charmed American readers in large numbers. They don’t know what they’re missing.

With the royal couple’s wedding over, all eyes are on Britain’s tense Coalition government as the two sides of the once happy coupling battle over electoral reform. Peter Hoskin reports from London.

The former prime minister’s blockbuster memoir has thrust him into a political battle over the future of his own Labour party with Conservatives praising him. Pete Hoskin on the fight for Blair’s legacy.

The ultimate sibling rivalry is entertaining the UK as Ed and David Miliband fight for who will lead the Labour Party. But it’s a contest over style not substance reports Pete Hoskin.

What should have been on your nightstand this decade? The Daily Beast picks the most overlooked reads of the past 10 years—none of which involve a wizard, a vampire, or a code.