Raquel Laneri is a writer and editor in Brooklyn, NY. She has written about culture and fashion for Newsweek, ELLE.com, Forbes, and The New Inquiry, among other publications.


The decision to use Zac Posen to recustomize the brilliance of fashion designer Charles James may make financial sense—but it’s an insult to James’s memory and aesthetic.

Sci-Fi Couture

From germ-repelling jackets and dresses that change color to a sweater that tells you about the sheep you're wearing, here are the most exciting—and life-changing—innovations of 2014.

Tutu Couture

The classical arts are having a tough time—labor disputes, slashed budgets, and a struggle to fill seats. But the New York City Ballet seems to have found the answer: Valentino.

Work It, Ladies

From Anna Wintour to Rita Ora to Claire Danes, stars are strutting their stuff in red this season. And the "look at me" color of confidence, sex, and attitude is likely here to stay.

On the Runway

Women aren’t the only ones who can wear ruffles and skirts these days. And men don’t have a monopoly on hooded vests and slouchy pants. The high-fashion runways have gone gender neutral.


Women have long expressed their sexuality—and the mores of the time—through their choice of undergarments. A new exhibit takes a look back at the evolution of women’s intimate apparel.