Richard Abowitz covered Las Vegas for more than a decade as a senior writer and editor at Las Vegas Weekly. For many years Abowitz wrote the Movable Buffet blog and print column for the Los Angeles Times. Abowitz is currently Entertainment Leader at in Harrisburg, PA..


Who is LittleRedBunny? That’s what the adult industry is asking after a red-haired girl with a French accent became the hottest cam girl on the Internet.

There Will Be Nudity

Remember when porn meant something? At the lackluster 2014 AVN Awards, an event long-billed as the Academy Awards for the adult industry, things got a little weird.

Pull Out!

As many as four performers may have been infected in the past month, but the industry is divided over whether its current testing system is enough to stop an epidemic. Richard Abowitz on the factions and the fear.

Addicted to Love

Hugo Schwyzer built a successful, if divisive, career as a ‘male feminist’ and porn advocate. Then his life fell apart—on Twitter. He talks to Richard Abowitz about what fueled his epic meltdown.


Celebrity sex tapes that ‘accidentally’ leak? Yeah, right. The people who really do have sex on camera for a living dish on why these tapes are stupid—but inevitable. By Richard Abowitz