Richard Miniter is a bestselling author and investigative journalist. His latest book is Mastermind: the Many Faces of 9-11 Architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

Was it constitutional for Obama to target the U.S.-born Anwar al-Awlaki? Richard Miniter argues that not only was it legal—it was wise. For more coverage, Stephen L. Carter also weighs in and says it might have been wrong to kill al-Awlaki, because Obama has yet to explain the goals of his drone war to the nation.

The latest terrorist arrests have revived talk that al Qaeda is inept. Richard Miniter argues that U.S. success in wiping out the group’s leaders has exposed the incompetence of its grass roots.

The Times Square bomb attempt is eerily similar to the 1993 World Trade Center attack. Richard Miniter on how little the terrorists—and the feds—have learned.

Colleen LaRose is expected to plead not guilty when she’s arraigned in court today—even though she’s been cooperating with the FBI. Richard Miniter on the rising female jihadis.

As the Obama administration swings back toward the idea of trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a military tribunal, Richard Miniter asks what’s to be gained from going to court at all.

Americans who are obsessed with rights are making our country less secure. Richard Miniter on how they got in the way of preventing the attempted bombing of Flight 253.