Robert Lacey is the author of two biographies of the Queen—Majesty and Monarch. He has also written on the history and politics of Saudi Arabia, and lived in Detroit in the 1980s to write a biography of Henry Ford. 

Stay, Your Majesty

Reports suggest that Queen Elizabeth II favors Brexit: British departure from the European Union. It might seem a natural position for a monarch, but it’s dead wrong, her biographer says.

An excerpt from Robert Lacey’s new book, Inside the Kingdom, about the day al Qaeda struck Saudi Arabia and how the bold reformist king is fighting back.

Prince Harry finishes his whirlwind 36-hour New York trip tonight. VIEW OUR GALLERY of photos from the sporty, charitable trip that Robert Lacey says shows he's his mother's son.

What should Obama do about hard-core Gitmo cases? The Saudis have had success with a program that has nothing to do with waterboarding. Try money, cars and wives.

Six years away from being Britain's longest-ever serving monarch, Elizabeth II is showing no signs of slowing down. Biographer Robert Lacey assesses her life and impact.