Robert Shapiro is the chairman of Sonecon, an economic advisory firm, as well as an advisor to the International Monetary Fund and senior officials of the Obama administration. Under President Bill Clinton, he was Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs.

Bloomberg’s Real Economic Impact

Critics say New York City’s technology, finance, and housing booms have left the poor and middle-class behind. But a new study suggests that improvements in public school performance are leading to rising incomes and property values across the city.


The current battle over the budget and debt ceiling may be coming to an end. But we shouldn’t discount the long-term economic costs of brinksmanship.

Mind Matter

It’s a cliché to note that ideas power the American economy. This week’s official revisions of growth tells us just how significant a factor they are.


The lingering financial crisis, the sequester, and ill-timed austerity are tamping down jobs growth. But a more positive force—technology—is also responsible for our subpar employment recovery.


It’s easy to blame globalization for our many economic woes. But the ability of American business—and American policy—to engage with the world is actually helping the U.S. economy to outperform the world’s developed economies.

Huddled Masses

We like to think that the United States is unique among nations in the way it attracts and integrates immigrant. But in our increasingly globalized and prosperous world, the data suggests America is just average.


The GDP report profits the broadest barometer of economic performance. But the data is constantly under revision and can often be misused and abused.

Fiscal Fail

President Obama’s new budget contains sensible proposals for public investment and tax reform. But it still falls victim to the needless politics of austerity.