Robert Shrum who was a senior fellow at NYU and has now been appointed Warschaw Professor of the Practice of Politics at the University of Southern California, was a longtime political consultant. He worked on numerous Democratic campaigns, including Kerry-Edwards in 2004 and Al Gore’s 2000 race for the White House.

L'affaire Abramson

It’s sad and sickening to see The New York Times stoop to the kind of obfuscation and evasiveness it usually calls out in others.

The Non-Race

Ignore the talk about purity tests, progressive cred, and skipping to a post-presidency status. Clinton won’t be denied this time—and she’s going to make history.

Poisonous Atmosphere

The Clippers owner and Nevada rancher will soon be forgotten as racist cranks, but if we want a new chapter of true equality and respect, we need a new politics—especially from the GOP.

Only Contender

Does anyone really believe Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Chris Christie can contend against Hillary Clinton? At least Jeb, the establishment’s establishmentarian, would put up a fight.

Election Savior

Months away from Election Day, the Democrats are already cutting and running away from Obamacare. Clinton is the man to help them embrace it, attack obsessed Republicans—and win.


The sign-up deadline for the Affordable Care Act has arrived, and in looking back at the last century of presidential power actions on both party sides Robert Shrum has reached a bigger conclusion: the progressive truly trump the conservative.

Tough Woman

Republicans turned the Democrats’ leader in the House into the prime reason to keep a Florida district in GOP hands. No wonder they fear her: she’s as responsible for liberal success in Washington as President Obama has been.

Stick With It

In light of their loss in Florida’s special election, Democrats need to adopt a new political approach and emphasize the popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act.