Simon Johnson is a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Senate Democrats may fear they don't have enough votes to reconfirm the Fed chief, but Simon Johnson says before they think about voting, Ben Bernanke must explain whether he supports the president's newly tough stance on banks.

Citi was conspicuously absent from Day 1 of the hearings probing the origins of the financial crisis—but the bailed-out bank is sure to get a grilling from investigators. Simon Johnson on why unrepentant former Citi titans Sandy Weill and Robert Rubin also need a day in the court of public opinion.

Wall Street’s record haul may come back to haunt it. The commission investigating the meltdown now has fresh moral ammunition to propose real change.

New revelations about Tim Geithner’s phone records show an appallingly small Wall Street circle. With a probe likely, Simon Johnson says the Treasury secretary needs a bailout—from Larry Summers.

The dollar plunges! How scared should we be? Economist Simon Johnson says not as much as you think—it’s part of Obama's plan to restart the manufacturing sector and win the midterm elections.