Simon Schama is a professor of history and art history at Columbia University. He is a contributing editors of the Financial Times, and regular broadcaster and documentary film maker for the BBC.

Review Is In

It was antic, manic, magical, and mischievous—and thoroughly British. Simon Schama reviews the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Cy Twombly’s art is widely appreciated. But as Simon Schama argues, his passionate explorations of myth and fantasy deserve to be celebrated for transcending the confines of modernism.

Simon Schama says Roman Polanski’s new movie The Ghost Writer—starring Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor—is a piece of thrilling cinematic creepiness that ranks up there with Polanki’s greatest films.

Obama’s inaugural speech had few rhetorical highs. But it was nonetheless a dazzling performance, a dose of tough love from a man who is already hard at work.

After nearly 30 years of Democratic disappointment, none of us could quite believe the Obama phenomenon was real.