Simran Jeet Singh is a scholar and activist who writes primarily on culture and religion. He has contributed regularly to a wide range of publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post. He has earned degrees from three universities—Harvard, Columbia, and Trinity—and he is currently completing his Ph.D. at Columbia University. Follow @SimranColumbia

Man v. State

In 1994, a Punjabi cop filed a lawsuit against his colleagues accusing them of the secret torture and killing of innocents. Now, as his case is finally being heard by the Supreme Court, a new documentary traces his long fight for justice.


Darsh Preet Singh fought discrimination to become the first Sikh to play NCAA basketball. Now, he's waiting for the first turbaned player to break into the NBA.

Oak Creek

One year ago, a neo-Nazi opened fire on a Sikh place of worship in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Harleen Kaur grew up in that community, and she tells Simran Jeet Singh about how life has changed over the past 12 months.

One year ago, a white supremacist entered a Sikh place of worship in Wisconsin and opened fire. The first responder, Lt. Brian Murphy, tells his story to Simran Jeet Singh.


Despite granting waivers to allow minorities to maintain their religious dress while serving, military policy still keeps most of them out. But the successes of the waivers have proved that ending the discrimination will give us stronger, more diverse armed forces.

Idol Watch

With more turban colors than a box of crayons, Gurpreet Singh Sarin is the brightest-looking participant in ‘American Idol’ this year. He tells us about the controversy over his appearance and how he started singing in a Potbelly Sandwich Shop.