Stephen Kinzer is an award-winning foreign correspondent. His new book is Reset: Iran, Turkey and America's Future.

Post-Mubarak, the country is experiencing a historic moment of unity, but it is entering an unstable period that could leave Egypt a stable democracy, like Turkey, or a chaotic nightmare, like Iraq. Stephen Kinzer on the looming clash between the protesters and the military.

The dictator is riding out his resignation in his seaside retreat at Sharm el-Sheikh, but Egyptians won’t let him stay long. From Saudi Arabia to Britain to even Israel, Stephen Kinzer weighs Mubarak’s options for exile.

President Mubarak has bowed to a popular uprising and will soon quit—who’s next? From Jordan’s shaky monarchy to a Yemen regime scarred by WikiLeaks, Stephen Kinzer on which Middle East leaders could soon follow suit. Plus, full coverage of the Egypt uprising.

The harrowing 444-day ordeal that still poisons Iran-American relations came to an end 30 years ago today. Stephen Kinzer on conservative politicians and former hostages who say it’s time for the countries to bury the hatchet.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad played the host at an exclusive dinner in New York that left some of his guests frustrated. Stephen Kinzer got the invitation, and reports.

As Afghans head to the polls for parliamentary elections, Washington should heed some lessons from Vietnam, whose unreliable leader caused the collapse of U.S. strategy.