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A loathed incumbent tied to an unpopular president in a terrible economy—just how did the Reid beat back the Tea Party? Steve Friess on the keys to his victory, from Angle’s awful campaign to the senator’s rapid response.

Pundits used to talk of a father-and-son political dynasty in Nevada. Not anymore. Harry Reid and son, Rory, are both on the Democratic ticket – and in trouble. By Steve Friess

The most powerful Senator is fighting for survival. The surprising thing about Harry Reid is not that he’s on the ropes, but that he got this far in the first place.

Cloris Leachman, the other resilient eightysomething from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, dishes about whether Brando was gay (not exactly), Nancy Reagan (a “pill”), and competing with White.

The Tea Party favorite against Harry Reid pledged to reject donations "tainted" by companies that support gays. But her campaign disclosures shows she is taking their money anyway.

Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron, in a conversation at the Netroots Nation convention, said his network blew up the Shirley Sherrod story and agreed it also boosts the Tea Party.