The Interpreter is a daily-updated online journal dedicated primarily to translating media from the Russian press and blogosphere into English and reporting on events inside Russia and in countries directly impacted by Russia’s foreign policy.

Conceived as a kind of “Inopressa in reverse,” The Interpreter aspires to dismantle the language barrier that separates journalists, Russia analysts, policymakers, diplomats and interested laymen in the English-speaking world from the debates, scandals, intrigues and political developments taking place in the Russian Federation.

In addition to translated content, the journal also publishes reportage, original features (especially those that analyze or elaborate previously translated content), special reports, op-eds, interviews and blog posts.

The Interpreter, which was launched in 2013, was made possible by a seed grant from the London-based Herzen Foundation and a grant from the the New York-based Institute of Modern Russia, of which the journal is a special project. The Institute of Modern Russia continues to fund the project.

The Institute of Modern Russia is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit in the United States, dedicated to the advancement of democratic values and institutions in the Russian Federation.

Since launching its Ukraine liveblog in February of 2014, The Interpreter has also fielded readers’ donations via PayPal to help compensate its team of writers and translators for overtime work.