Tom Watson is the author of CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World (Wiley, 2008) and managing partner of CauseWired Communications LLC, a consulting firm that works with nonprofits and causes.

Six years after launching the Clinton Global Initiative, Bill Clinton has set a new bar for post-presidency achievements. By Tom Watson.

The pledge by Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates and other billionaires to give away large parts of their fortunes leaves a question: where will the money go?

Cherie Blair and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski tackle how technology can change women’s lives at Women in The World on Saturday. Read about how innovations like text messaging, mobile video, and birthing kits are part of the solution.

Today's women's rights activism rejects the paternalism and feel-good sloganeering of the '60s and '70s; it’s about measurable economic empowerment for women—and an end to the political corruption that holds girls and women back.