Vijai Maheshwari is a writer and journalist. His novel White God Factor, about Moscow in the 90s, was published by London’s Coptic Press. He also publishes a magazine, B.East about trends in the East. 

Mountain Holiday

With Ukraine’s favorite seaside getaway now belonging to Russia, the rugged Carpathian mountains are awash in vacationers—all gossiping about Putin’s next move.

Oligarch Revolt

In Dnipropetrovsk, just 150 miles from the Donetsk People’s Republic, the regional governor is a very rich man with very big plans to stop pro-Russian separatists in their tracks.

East v. West

Kharkiv, the old Soviet capital of Ukraine, is torn between its pro-Russia past and the new masters in Kiev—and it will be one of the bellwethers for the country’s future.

Putin’s Crimea power grab has served to stoke nationalist fervor in Western Ukraine, with ordinary citizens vowing to mobilize to oppose the Russian threat.

The heroes of the Maidan forced a corrupt president to relinquish power even as snipers picked off their comrades—and now they're vowing to stay put in Kiev indefinitely.

Pink City Rock

With over 200,000 people attending this year, India’s Jaipur Literature Festival can claim to be one of the biggest in the world—and certainly the most fun. Vijai Maheshwari reports on the big speakers, controversies, and hits from this year.