Ankara’s “wait-and-see” policy with respect to the jihadist army ended last month, and now it’s almost certainly been hit with its first planned terrorist attack.

Border Town Blues

Only a small border gate manned by Turkish gendarmerie separates NATO country from Jihadistan—and locals are sick of ISIS’s two-way traffic through it.

Yusuf Sayman tells CNN Newsroom's Brook Baldwin the story of a teenager who was captured by ISIS, tortured for information, and who eventually escaped.


ISIS abducts boys, breaks them down, forces them to betray their families, then hopes to recruit them into its ranks. Classic brainwashing. This time it didn’t work.


Brutal fighting between pro-Russia separatists and the Ukrainian army in Sloviansk has prompted a mass exodus of city residents—and many have no idea when they’ll be able to return home.


Refugees brace for the oncoming winter in Lebanon’s makeshift camps, as thousands more have poured across the border in recent days due to heavy fighting.