You might think nobody had a patent on the historic Tea Party name. Think again. Zachary Roth on the Tea Party Patriots' legal saber-rattling—the grassroots movement’s latest growing pain.

The Tea Party Patriots, which has long touted its grassroots credentials, has brought in a major PR honcho—infuriating the party faithful.

The Tea Party Express leader ousted after racially charged remarks about the NAACP, is back with a new PAC. Will this complicate the movement’s bid to reboot its image?

The Justice Department wants Arizona’s best-known lawman, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to hand over documents in a probe of his immigration enforcement tactics. Arpaio’s message to the feds: Drop dead.

He’s back! Harold Simmons, the man who bankrolled the Swift Boat campaign against John Kerry, is the primary funder of Karl Rove’s “grassroots” group that threatens to shake up this fall’s midterms.

The dumping of a Tea Partier who made racially charged remarks was about more than just political correctness. Zachary Roth on the deep split that could cripple the movement this fall.