Bachmann Woos Iowa Conservatives

Michele Bachmann has recently made some embarrassing gaffes in her public statements, but she hit all the right notes in a conservative conference in Iowa on Saturday. Attendants cheered loudly as she dissed President Obama and said she wants a "waiver" from the last two years under his administration. The Minnesota rep referred to a slide presentation to underscore the main points of her speech, including the national debt and the corporate tax rate, calling the U.S. tax code a "weapon of mass destruction." She also referenced her Iowa ties, noting that she was born in Waterloo, and said that she was thrilled to be at the conference alongside Rep. Steve King, Iowa's "king of conservatism." She fired up the crowd with more jabs at Obama, this time slamming his foreign policy: "Now he's got us engaged in another third Middle Eastern war? Talk about March Madness, can anyone say Jimmy Carter?"