‘Bad Lip Reading’ Mocks Trump’s National Anthem Fail

Is this what President Trump thinks the lyrics to ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ are?

As pretty much everyone watching Monday night’s NCAA football championship game between Alabama and Georgia noticed, President Donald Trump may not know most of the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” For a man who has spent so much time demanding that players respect the national anthem by standing, he seemed to struggle when it came to mouthing along to the patriotic song.

Fortunately, “Bad Lip Reading” is here to decipher what exactly Trump was singing on the sidelines. By their estimation, it was mostly nonsense syllables, with a few key phrases like “the baby bird chicken hatched” and “your little feet were so thin” thrown in for good measure.

Trump’s smile at the end of the song emphasizes how pleased he was with his performance.

In a tweet following the game, noted patriot Donald Trump Jr. praised his father for “showing how it’s done.” In response, the comedian Tom Arnold tweeted, “I get it dude. You guys are practically family. I had Roseanne’s back when she f-ed up the National Anthem too.”