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Band of Outsiders Livestreams 60-Hour Fashion Show (VIDEO)

L.A.-based fashion brand Band of Outsiders unveils a 60-hour fashion show in Paris, in which a male model lives in a gallery window. Watch the livestream here.

In 2002 the performance artist Marina Abramović inhabited a New York gallery for over a month—sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom in front of an audience. It was voyeurism at its starkest.

Now the fashion line Band of Outsiders takes the conceit one step further, staging its first-ever Parisian fashion show over the course of 60 hours, from mid-Wednesday through Friday. In it, an anonymous male model inhabits a compartment made up of cardboard and wood, in the window of a Parisian gallery. Pedestrians stream past as he eats, reads, and plays with props. Online viewers can watch him over a mounted live-streamed camera. Every 90 minutes, the model disappears to change into a new outfit from the collection and, as Band of Outsiders puts it in a statement about the show, “presumably to relieve himself every so often.” (It’s unclear whether the model is allowed to the leave the compartment should he need to pee off-schedule.)

It is simultaneously performance art and a fashion show—but these days, who can really tell the difference between the two? Watch the Band of Outsiders livestream below.