Bank Exec Who Helped Manafort Get Loans Got Campaign Role

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort allegedly got help securing large loans from a bank executive who was seeking a role in the campaign, according to a Friday court filing from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office. The loans from a “Lender D” exceeded $6 million dollars, and the executive “interceded in the process and approved the loan” despite “serious issues” in the loan application being identified by bank employees. The unnamed executive “expressed interest” in joining the Trump campaign to Manafort and eventually “secured a position advising” in the campaign, according to the filing. The executive also sought a role within the administration, but did not end up getting one. While “Lender D” was unspecified in this filing, CNN reports that other filings name “Lender D” as Federal Savings Bank. Manafort is in solitary confinement, awaiting two trials in Virginia and Washington D.C. for bank fraud and witness tampering.