Dean Chambers is a Joke

'Barack O'Fraudo'

Pro tip for Dean Chambers: When you completely embarrass yourself by declaring the polls to be "skewed" (they weren't), call out Nate Silver for being potentially gay (as if it would impact his analysis), and beclown yourself all over the national scene, don't follow up such a performace by setting up a website declaring the election stolen by voter fraud.

You see, Mr. Chambers, President Obama is my opponent. As a conservative, I hope to see his proposals defeated (or at least end up looking more like mine.)

But you, sir, by peddling in such blatantly filthy silliness, are the enemy of the conservative movement. You actively seek to profit by misleading your fellow citizens and supposed ideological allies. You contribute to an epistemic bubble and make it harder for everyday Americans to discern truth from fiction, partisanship from objectivity, and skewed from unskewed. You are the very definition of a troll.

So, like a good troll, please go back under the bridge from whence you came.