Barney Frank Wants to Legalize Heroin

No, Barney Frank isn’t just on a high from the Supreme Court’s DOMA repeal, and he hasn’t taken up heroin since retiring from the House, but the former Democratic Representative is ready to make the case—in a new book he's writing—that Congress could afford for more social services if it decriminalized drugs. Frank has made this argument before with regards to marijuana, but he’s not just concerned about pot. When it comes to drugs, “if it affects me, [it’s] none of your business,” Frank explained in an interview with The Huffington Post. “My question is are there drugs that have a very good likelihood of making me misbehave towards others? I do not believe heroin is in that category. What makes people misbehave is the need to steal money to buy heroin.” When it comes to cocaine, however, “let’s just cut through the bullshit,” he said. “There are a lot of high functioning people in this society on cocaine. Cocaine is the rich people’s drug. That’s just silly.”