Choom Gang

Barry Obama: Pot Connoisseur

We all know Barack Obama smoked weed in high school and, unlike Bill Clinton, he did it right. But what we didn't know was that the man who would be president didn't simply inhale. According to David Maraniss' new book, young Barry was a trend-setting member of the Choom Gang, a group of basketball-playing stoners at Punahou School. He instigated his friends to take "roof hits" (hotbox the car and not leave until all the smoke had been inhaled), penalized members of the gang for exhaling pakalolo smoke by denying them a turn at the joint, and had a penchant for intercepting the joint when it wasn't his turn and yelling, "Intercepted!" In his senior yearbook, Obama even thanked the Choom Gang and their dealer, Ray, "for all the good times."