Baseball Takes Control of Dodgers

Major League Baseball will be taking control of the Los Angeles Dodgers due to “deep concerns” about the state of the team, Commissioner Bud Selig said Wednesday. But sources said Selig is using his “best interests of the team” powers as an excuse to oust Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt, who he says he believes has mismanaged the team while enriching himself. Selig said his office is in the midst of an “investigation of the operation and finances of the Dodgers” since McCourt bought the team in 2004. Last month, a San Francisco Giants fan was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium, an incident McCourt acknowledged could have been prevented with better security at the stadium. The Dodgers are not the only team with troubled finances in Major League Baseball: New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon is being sued by Bernie Madoff’s estate for using Madoff’s profits for the team.