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Bear Walks Upright, ‘Apparently Kid,’ and More Viral Videos

From a bear that walks upright to the kid who says ‘apparently’ a lot, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

via Youtube

5. Bipedal Bear Terrorizes NJ

Either this is clever viral marketing for a new Yogi Bear movie or Earth is destined to become the Planet of the Bears. This video shows a bear walking on its hind legs through a New Jersey neighborhood.

There has been suggestion that it’s a hoax; if so, the perpetrators should get jobs in Hollywood, as long as they don’t shoot the next one portrait-style.

4. Katy Perry Song Calms Grumpy Baby

Every parent knows that you do whatever you can to keep your baby happy. Sometimes, it means feeding them in the middle of the night or holding them for hours on end. In the case of this parent, it means cranking up Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” for her crying daughter.

3. ‘Lion King’ Subway Sing-along

Aside from the occasional fistfight, the best entertainment subway commuters can hope for is either a group of old men singing R&B classics or young kids who almost kick passengers in the face while doing acrobatic stunts. The cast of the Broadway production of The Lion King raised the bar by singing an a capella version of “Circle of Life” on the A train.

2. Farmer Plays Trombone for Cows

Derek Klingenberg has been known to make a few YouTube videos on his farm. In this one, he demonstrates the use of music as a conflict-free method of cattle rustling. On his trusty trombone, Farmer Derek covers Lorde’s “Royals” until... you get the idea.

1. ‘Apparently’ Ready for His Close-up

Five-year-old Noah Ritter, better known as “Apparently Kid,” became an Internet superstar this week after he was caught on camera just being a five-year-old. The plucky pre-Kindergartener was interviewed at a Pennsylvania county fair, during which he says “apparently” eight times and marvels at having never been on live TV in his long, seasoned life.

Get used to it, Noah… at least for the next 15 minutes or so.