Way of the Dodo ...

Becca Albee at Momenta Art is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Daily Pic: Becca Albee imagines a world of flowery front pages.

(Courtesy Becca Albee and Momenta Art, NY)

Some nice wishful thinking – or maybe magical thinking – from the artist Becca Albee, in the group show called "Burying the Lede" at Momenta Art, the non-profit in Brooklyn. The exhibition looks at artists who use the printed newspaper as subject or art supply – so it's no wonder an old print-hound like me would like it. Albee's contribution is simple: She scans war stories from the New York Times front page and inserts amateur flower photos where the blood and guts used to be, as though giving a glimpse of a better, and possible, future.

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