Seen This?

Berlusconi ‘Lesbian’ Scandal Looms?

Just in case President Obama is curious as to what presidential trips to Italy used to be like, before he travels there later this week: The Times of London reports that “Several European publications are bidding for photographs by Antonello Zappadu, who took 5,000 pictures of Berlusconi’s guests at Villa Certosa in Sardinia in 2007 and 2008.” What does Berlusconi have to fear? “The images show Berlusconi, who was leader of the opposition at the time, with five young women in a gazebo. Two of them are sitting on his lap. He grins approvingly as Angela Sozio, 36, a red-headed former Big Brother contestant, sits on the knees of another young woman and kisses her on the lips.” A source tells the Times that the plan is to publish the photos right before the G8 summit, for “maximum impact.”