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Best Moments From the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Special on ‘20/20’ (VIDEOS)

After 60 years on the throne, 12 prime ministers, and 11 presidents, Queen Elizabeth celebrates her Diamond Jubilee this June. From Princes William and Harry’s relationship with their ‘granny’ to Her Majesty’s response to Princess Diana’s death and the Kate Middleton baby speculation, watch the most fascinating moments from 20/20’s special.

What It Takes to Be a Diamond Jubilee Queen

After 60 years on the throne, 12 prime ministers, and 11 presidents, Queen Elizabeth II is only the second British queen to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. And, at 29, Prince William isn’t much older than his grandmother was when she ascended the throne. Speaking of her grace under pressure, the Duke of Cambridge said the queen was “a woman in a man’s world, stepping into what everyone thought only a man could do” when she “brilliantly” handled the monarchy at 26. From televising the coronation to maintaining a Facebook page, Her Majesty has left a mark on many a stage, but she’s not giving an interview—or texting her grandsons—any time soon.

Great-Grandchildren From Will and Kate?

What’s a royal family special without Kate Middleton baby speculation? After Prince William praised his “granny” for her courage serving the country, the subject turned to the family plans of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But, don’t hold your breath. William said he’s “keen to have a family,” though he’s not giving anything away, yet. “You won’t get anything out of me,” he said, adding that he’s “tight-lipped” on the subject. As for the queen’s future great-grandchildren, William said he’ll decide his career plans before anything else. First comes the Diamond Jubilee, then comes baby?

Prince Harry: My Mom ‘Would Have Loved Kate’

Prince William was “elated”—and “terrified”—on his wedding day, but one emotion that wasn’t obvious for the 2 billion viewers was his longing for his mother. While Prince Harry said Princess Diana would have more than approved of her daughter-in-law, his brother told Katie Couric he had to mentally prepare for his mother’s absence from the nuptials. “It’s the one time since she’s died where I’ve thought to myself, ‘It’d be fantastic if she was here,’” Prince William said. Watch the emotional moment.

The Queen’s Response to Princess Di’s Death

Since taking the throne in 1952, the queen seldom has had a misstep when responding to the public. In the wake of Princess Diana’s death, though, she faced criticism for a seemingly delayed response to the tragedy. After she waited five days to address the public, it became apparent that the queen sought to protect her grandsons from the media circus. “I think we all have to face the twists and turns. Some elements of change one would wish didn’t happen,” Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s third child, said. In the end, she faced the tragedy “magnificently,” in the words of Tony Blair.

A Home Fit for a Queen

What does a house that takes 1,200 people to maintain look like? The Buckingham Palace balcony might be reserved for royals only, but Katie Couric got a look inside Queen Elizabeth’s stunning 775-room digs. Just steps away from where Kate Middleton and Prince William shared that famous kiss, Couric got a tour of the famed residence, plus a peek behind a secret door that leads to the private rooms. Watch the ABC host meet the queen herself.