Best of the ‘Blood Moon’

Beautiful video of October 8th’s lunar eclipse.

Depending on where you are in the world, you may have stayed up late or woken up early to catch a look at October 8th’s lunar eclipse. As NASA scientist Dr. Shawn Domagal-Goldman explained in a primer for the previous blood moon in April 2014, the reddish color is not an illusion but ‘adding up all the sunrises and sunsets all over the planet Earth at the same time and bouncing them off the moon’s surface.’

This one was taken in Singapore as the moon rose. It doesn’t depict the moon in the full shadow of the earth but is nonetheless some beautiful lunar videography (and in 4K if you have a good monitor).

National Geographic shot a time-lapse of the eclipse from the National Mall in Washington D.C., framed perfectly to look as if the moon passed across the Washington Monument’s tip.

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles provided perhaps the best view of the ‘blood moon,’ webcasting the eclipse in its entirety and catching it at its ‘bloodiest.’

The October blood moon is the second of four that will happen over a 17-month period between April 2014 and September 2015. Naturally, this has doomsayers preaching that the end is nigh. More than likely, however, this is just a rare and beautiful astronomical event to be enjoyed.