Beyoncé's Controversial Vogue Cover

Bloggers are in a tizzy over the latest issue of Vogue. Though Beyoncé is now one of the few black women to hold the rarefied title of cover girl, the April glossy—christened the “Shape Issue” with headlines touting “Fashion for Every Figure”—is coming under fire for appropriating the actually-quite-slim singer as curvy. One blogger at Sociological Images claims the cover “manages to be both sexist and racist,” and the women’s site Jezebel agrees rather vehemently, pointing out hypocritical headlines like “Fashion for Every Figure: Size 0 to Size 20.” Beyoncé doesn’t do much to dissuade the thin-at-all-costs-ideal, saying on the day of her interview she “got up at the crack of dawn" and “ate a tiny portion of Honey Nut Cheerios, ran six miles, and then worked out with her trainer.”