Biden Apologizes to Reporter

One would think Alan Ginsburg's mansion might have had a bigger "hold room" for the press than a broom closet. Unfortunately for Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers, the small storage space had to suffice. "Scott—you have our sincere apologies for the lack of a better hold room today," wrote Vice President Joe Biden's spokeswoman last Wednesday. Powers was there to cover Biden and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) at Ginsburg’s expensive fundraiser at his home in Winter Park, Florida. When Powers arrived, a young female staffer escorted him to a broom closet, where he waited for Biden for more than an hour. Apparently, any time he poked his head out for some air he was shooed back inside. He was allowed out for 35 minutes to report on remarks by Biden and Nelson. At least Powers has a sense of humor—he says he found the ordeal funny.