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Bieber vs. Bloom 'Bitch' Slap Down In Ibiza

Bloom receives round of applause after taking swing at Bieber in Cipriani Ibiza

Angela Weiss / Getty Images for Variety

There’s something about Justin Bieber that grates. Whether he’s abandoning his pet monkey at German customs, getting charged with DUI for racing on Miami beach or simply repeating, “Guess what? I don’t recall,” in the most annoying and brattish fashion possible to imagine during depositions, it is hard for any but the truest of Beliebers to have anything less than an allergic reaction to the baby-faced “Baby” singer.

So imagine how much worse it must be if you suspected the not-so-cute Canadian of cuckolding you? I think we can all therefore have some sympathy for the 6ft British actor Orlando Bloom who took a swing at his 5ft-something rival as he departed Cipriani’s in Ibiza in the early hours of this morning while a raft of dodgy celebs including Paris and Lindsay Lohan looked on.

Persistent rumors that Bieber went on a date in 2012 with Bloom’s then-wife, model Miranda Kerr, were perhaps not helped by Bieber’s greeting to Bloom, as reported by TMZ (and captured on a shaky video): “What’s up bitch?”

Orlando then ‘took a swing’ at Justin, who ‘ducked’ and fled the scene – while other diners at the restaurant broke into an impromptu round of applause.

Back in the safety of his hotel room, Bieber then posted a picture of Miranda Kerr wearing a revealing swim suit.

I know! Totally obnoxious, right?

The bad blood between the two has not been helped by the fact that Orlando has been seen out with Justin’s on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Well, that’s Ibiza in the summer for you these days, folks.