Man Jumps on Stage and Snatches Microphone From Kamala Harris as She Discusses Gender Pay Gap

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was in the middle of discussing the gender pay gap on stage at an event in San Francisco on Saturday when a man jumped on stage and snatched the microphone from her to talk about a “much bigger idea.” In video of the incident at MoveOn’s Big Ideas Forum, the 2020 contender can be seen staring up in disbelief as the man approached her and grabbed the microphone. Karine Jean-Pierre, an activist and the event’s co-host, jumped in to intervene before security even made it to the stage, repeatedly trying to grab the microphone back from the man and standing in between him and Harris. The man, who was later identified by a California-based animal rights group as an activist trying to call attention to issues surrounding animal rescues, was escorted off stage and out of the venue by security.