Rep. Steve Cohen Brings KFC and Rubber Chicken to Mock Barr’s No-Show at Hearing

House Democrats are not happy after Attorney General William Barr refused to appear before them Thursday morning, and Rep. Steve Cohen has made his point in the most delicious way possible. As he arrived at the House Judiciary Committee hearing that Barr refused to attend, he carefully laid out some props on his desk—a big bucket of KFC and a rubber chicken. The committee was faced with an empty chair after Barr refused a call to testify about how he handled the release of the Mueller report. The rebuff infuriated Democrats, many of whom were already calling for his resignation after the release of a March 27 letter in which Robert Mueller complained that Barr’s summary of his report was “sowing confusion” about the findings. Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Wednesday he may be forced to subpoena the attorney general to get him to talk.