Bill Clinton’s Ideas to Get America Back to Work and Revive the Economy

Bill Clinton offers 14 ways to attack the jobs crisis, from painting roofs white to cash incentives.

In 1992, Bill Clinton campaigned with the motto “It’s the economy, stupid,” promising to bring the country out of a recession. He delivered, and presided over years of growth. Now the 42nd president has some ideas about how to bring America out of its current slump. They range from the large-scale (giving tax credits to manufacturing startups, getting U.S. corporations to invest in a second stimulus) to the small (retrofitting buildings to be more energy-efficient and painting rooftops white). Next week, Clinton’s organization, the Clinton Global Initiative, will turn its attention to the U.S. for the first time, unveiling a blueprint for job creation. In this week’s Newsweek are 14 of his ideas.