Bill Daley's 'Modern Family' Scare

White House chief of staff Bill Daley had a brief but worrisome encounter with an actor from ABC’s 'Modern Family'—with the mission to kill Osama bin Laden on the line.

Sounds like a bad sitcom, I know.As Daley recounted the tale to a couple of reporters, he met an actor from ABC's Modern Family—who turned out to be Eric Stonestreet—at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night. Stonestreet mentioned that he was pumped about a White House tour he was taking the very next day.Uh-uh, Daley thought. No way that guy’s coming over on the day of the bin Laden mission. The chief of staff had ordered all tours canceled. But he kept mum. An hour later, the actor said he’d gotten an e-mail canceling the tour. What was up? Was something going on?Daley played dumb. Maybe a pipe had broken. How about this, he said, I’ll give you a personal tour on Monday.The next day, a Navy SEAL team killed the al-Qaeda leader. And Daley was a tad too busy Monday to provide the tour.Seems to me he owes Stonestreet a rain check.Correction: In an earlier version of this post, I screwed up a couple of key details. Daley couldn't remember the name of the actor, so I suggested it might be Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, who also does some of the voices. Apologies for my pop culture cluelessness.