Bye Stefon!

Bill Hader Leaving ‘SNL’

Here’s hoping Stefon will come visit sometime soon to recommend some more of New York’s hottest clubs. That’s right: Bill Hader announced Tuesday that he’s leaving Saturday Night Live, robbing “Weekend Update” viewers of much-beloved “City Correspondent” Stefon. “It was a hard decision, but it has to happen at some point,” Hader said. Lorne Michaels told The New York Times that he recognized Hader’s talent immediately after seeing him perform at a comedy club, saying that Hader “gradually found his voice, and that became a huge thing.” It has certainly been a turbulent week for SNL: head writer Seth Meyers, who hosts “Weekend Update,” announced on Sunday that he would be taking over for Jimmy Fallon at Late Night after Fallon replaces Leno on The Tonight Show. Saturday night’s episode, this season’s finale, will be Hader’s last one.