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Bill Maher to Donald Trump: ‘We’re Not So Different, You and I’

As Donald Trump was locking down his New Hampshire primary win, Bill Maher was telling Jimmy Kimmel what he ‘loves’ about the unconventional candidate.

Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel were barely a minute into their interview Tuesday night when Donald Trump’s name somehow came up.

“I always say, Donald Trump and I are a little like the detective and the serial killer,” Maher said. “You know, we’re not so different, you and I.

“I certainly don’t agree with hardly anything he says politically, but I love the fact that he’s politically incorrect,” he added, name-dropping the title of his ABC show before the network replaced him with Kimmel for being too, well, politically incorrect.

“That’s Donald Trump, he eats third rails for breakfast,” Maher added. “What does this man have to do, fart in Jesus’s face?” He compared the New Hampshire winner to a movie monster: “Whatever they think is going to destroy him just makes him stronger.”

Maher also confirmed that he was endorsing Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. Maher said he likes the former secretary of state “a lot,” but “not as much as Bernie” and wants the country to give a “true leftist” president a shot for the first time in his lifetime. “Is he going to win in the South?” Maher asked. “Probably not. He’s a socialist Jew who’s 100.”

If forced to vote for one of the Republican candidates, Maher deadpanned, “I’d kill myself.” But asked to pick the “worst” of the bunch, he didn’t hesitate. “Ted Cruz is always the worst,” he said. “Because he’s smart and evil. The other ones are true dummies, like [Marco] Rubio.

“But Ted Cruz is diabolical,” he continued. “He’s smart. What I really hate about him, and this is what a true cynic is, he’s smart, but he knows what to say to his dummy base that they will believe.”

After a break, Maher needled Kimmel for getting President Obama to appear on his show when he has never agreed to appear on his HBO program. “He treats me like I owe him money,” Maher said of the president.

To celebrate his 60th birthday last month, Maher announced a petition to get Obama to come on his show—or at least explain why he won’t. Within the first 48 hours it had passed the 100,000 signature mark, which means he is awaiting an official response from the White House. Perhaps he’ll have more luck when a golden T-R-U-M-P sign is attached to the front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.